Passion • Sophistication • Excitement

“Nichole’s event’s make you feel ALIVE! A creative experience that you’ll never forget!”

Michael Gardner
CEO, Headliner Market Group

“Ardour Events stands out uniquely. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a sophisticated company—execution was pure perfection!”

Elaine Cuervo
Founder, Top Shelf Design

“I must say the greatest and most memorable parties of all time have been those created by Nichole Flowers! Thinking outside the box is and understatement, creativity & going all out is what she excels at with attention to the smallest details. I never want to miss any of her events or celebrations!”
Paola M. Garcia Carrillo
CEO Residence Reality
“An evening of great, ‘electric energy’. Exciting fun, not knowing what to expect next!”
Myles Chefetz
CEO, Myles Restaurant Group/Prime 112
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