Passion • Sophistication • Excitement

Nichole Flowers

CEO • Owner • Architect of Magic

Nichole was born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, in northern California, a key factor that infuses some of the firm’s foundational principles, namely:

Inclusive: Nichole grew up and was raised in a culture of inclusive values and excellence, a proactive asset and equity that Ardour Events stands proudly behind.

Exclusive: Ardour Events covers the gamut of private and corporate event planning and organizing, but its dedication to high stakes exclusivity remains one of its features today in line with its boutique status and dedication.

Diverse: Diversity, Equality/Equity, Inclusion (a.k.a., DEI) inform the cornerstone of Ardour Events’ ethos, both in reference to workplace practices and client relations.

These values/reality exposed Nichole from a young age to a multicultural society where understanding and respect for difference and diverse cultures and backgrounds was a true benchmark. In that sense, Nichole’s move to Miami-Dade in 2009 continued this legacy of cosmopolitan values and variegation, as well as intermingling with other traditions.

Nichole’s creativity stems from her undying love of nature, art, creativity, craft and taste for and indulgence in top flight experiences. Her undying engine is constantly translating her high expectations for her company into this drive for perfection at every corner. This attribute, of course, stands proudly behind her capacity to create, design, plan and bring to life magical experiences, your true “Passport to Pleasure”.

Calm under pressure, a trait inalienable of premier event planning, is also a defining characteristic. She has managed events as small as 50-strong and as big as 200+ pax, and everything in between. In her spare time, Nichole enjoys experiencing life next to her husband and being a mother to three beautiful children. She also has seven pets and is passionate about cooking and baking.

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